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Medical billing service aware of the latest knowledge related to business or practice from billing and IT experts there our aim to provide better services to improve your profits, better cash flow and increased workflow.

More than seven years of experience, an experienced team that offers 100% satisfied and transparent billing solutions across the country. Spend more and more time getting paid on time and in full.

Increase revenue day in and day out while providing specialized solutions (so service providers can focus on their business)

Reduce Costs, Increase Profitability

Provision of billing solutions with IT solutions - Our services range from front office services to the administration of medical billing, medical credentialing and the efficient processing of claims

we work as part of the provider’s office, working daily with your staff to ensure smooth operations.

In addition, data protection mechanisms, layers of security and data encryption measures have been implemented to prevent.

Accuracy of Billing

Internal auditing and quality assurance are our routine work. Every article submitted is checked there for correctness and completeness.

If your current medical billing system isn't working for you, we can evaluate it to increase it

Privacy & Stability

Our servers are in a well-guarded and secure data center. Data protection mechanisms, layers of security, and encryption measures in place prevent unauthorized access to data.

All PHI information, along with demographic information, is password protected and encrypted within the relevant databases. Users should protect passwords and their computers from unauthorized access. (SSL) Secure Sockets Layer software encryption technology is used to protect areas of our website where personal information is also presented. Encryption prevents unauthorized information from being used and modified once it is stored in the database.

Communicative & Experienced

Some companies commit fraudulent activities that can result in large fines to avoid always staying in touch with the vendor's office through the oral and electronic dashboard (for real-time reports and activity).

Others focus on the ICD-10-CM codes and enter the data at an affordable cost for you. if we talking about about efficiency. we act as the best of its knowledge and belief according to practice requirements that’s why we take true approch for whole working.