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TheMDBilling is committed to providing your business with unparalleled billing service to ensure your practice has a hassle-free billing cycle that increases financial performance, that’s our commitment too.


Medical Billing Managed Services

A premium billing service that does everything to improve provider experience, manage practice, and employee burden continually speeds up the recovery process, providers worry about what they shouldn't be, then we take care of these billings whatever their nature, that way providers can fully focus on providing care quality.

We can access any problem you have in your practice, related to timely filling, pre-authorization, rejections, denials, insufficient documentation or any other flaw, we can solve it through our free audit.

  • Advanced Eligibility & Benefits verification
  • EDI, ERA, EFT Enrollment
  • Referral & Authorization
  • Charge Entry
  • Claim Scrubbing (QA)
  • Claim Submission
  • Rejections
  • Account Receivables
  • Secondary Billing
  • Payment Posting
  • Denial & Appeal Management
  • Patient Follow Up
  • Reporting

With our remarkable, clean and unique billing services, you may have circumstances to generate the revenue of the business to achieve your goals.

We always try to comply with requirements, quality, satisfaction and updated technology for each client.

Advanced Eligibility & Benefits Verification

Performing the eligibility verification helps healthcare providers submit clean claims. Prevent claim forwarding, reduce demographic or eligibility-related rejections and denials, increase upfront collections leading to better patient satisfaction

EDI, ERA, EFT Provider Assistance

he medical accreditation process is a time consuming process, as our specialists can manage any necessary consultation to save service providers' time and increase work efficiency.

Referral & Pre-Authorization

Understand the difference between these two terms and what they mean for the life of a claim, know what insurance companies require in advance, and submit claims with all the support you need the first time around.

Charge Entry

Chare entry is a vital process in the medical billing cycle, two main steps Entering billing information, Assigning charges for medical codes (both teams must have good and strong coordination), we maximum followed detailed steps through the process to ensure that relevant checks are carried out at each stage of processing, while our working

Claim Scrubbing (QA)

Identify and fix errors, reducing the number of claims that are denied or rejected. This is essentially a way to review claims before they are submitted to insurers

Claim Submission

We always check the PM fields and the clearinghouse interface before sending them to the payers within 24 hours, making sure that with our knowledge and expertise, they are bug free


Good billers should take this into account before submitting it, but if there is something that causes the rejection they must deal with it quickly and perfectly.

Accounts Receivables

A/R follow-up management must very strong, mostly three stages for that, Initial Evaluation, Analysis & Prioritizing, Collection, there are fewthings the AR representatives must avoid but follow main responsibilities: AR Analytics & AR Follow-Up

Secondary Billing

TFL is an important weather-specific primary or secondary bill, so we deliver it without any delay while filling and attaching essentials

Payment Posting

All insurances payments posted as immediately while providing maximum accuracy level as its received, with the revolutionary method (LIPP), which leave only the line item open for denials and adjustment.

Patient Follow Up

Most healthcare offices don’t have the time, resources, or desire to reach out to every patient with an overdue account. For that you looking for that's our helpful billing specialists

Denial & Appeal Management

A task force investigate ever unpaid claim, categorize denials verify and improve patient data, true reasons of denials, faster appeals to steam line workflow and improved cashflow


Number of procedures, encounters, collections, charges, outstanding Accounts Receivables and adjustments, payment posting, rejections and so on on weekly, monthly bases billing companies sending lot of emails with incomplete information that also take too much time to read, MDBilling with a real-time reporting Dashboard by it's IT specialist team, when ever, where ever you can review everything about your practice in minutes. For details please see our Electronic Dashboard page